What if you could move forward in your life in the way you want?


Gail Burt of Highly Intuitive Healing has over 20 years experience in using a unique blend of healing techniques to effectively treat many issues you may be experiencing, be it something physical or emotional. By using a powerfully simple blend of EFT, Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies, Highly Intuitive Healing can finally get you on the road to release you from whatever is holding you, or even your child back.


As well as deep relaxation, the most common comment after experiencing Highly Intuitive Healing is a feeling of relief at pain having been released, this is especially true with those who have seemingly tried every possible therapy before.


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What People Are Saying


“Gail messaged me and I gave her an account of my emotional state.  She gave me advice on Bach flower remedies to use. With the comfort of checking on me a few days later we then spoke on the phone. Gail is very warm and genuinely caring, her voice is comfort itself. We then did some EFT on the phone, where I realised, as Gail had repeatedly comforted me in saying, I am strong and I can heal in so many ways.  I felt much better after the EFT and kind words.  I started to get feelings in my body, I could relate to and reconnect with my self. Gail is still in contact with me. Her voice and advice and care are quite swift to help on the road to recovery..she is love..a special person".

Paula Leeds


"Before I asked to be added to your healing list I was sceptical about it. However, the transformation of how I feel over this weekend has been a difference of black and white. I feel my life is actually going to turn out to be much more interesting than I had previously imagined.


I truly wish you well in everything you do, you are a very special person. If only there were more like you in the world, what a wonderful world it would be".

Liam Swindon


“A remarkable and effective treatment for anxieties, worries, panic attacks and depression. Gets results quickly and effectively and great for relieving stress”.

Mr R, Ilminster


“I have left my troubled past behind and feel so peaceful and happy. Thank you Gail you have an amazing gift”. Ms. H, Glastonbury


“Wow! I can honestly say I feel confident relaxed and happy to see or touch a spider, bring it on. Thank you so so much :)” J, Glastonbury


“Thank you with all our hearts for helping my mother solve her feelings of guilt and sharing your beautiful gifts with us”. J & G, Visiting from Germany


"I now feel I am enough and can move on, painful memories gone".

Mrs N. Bridgwater


“Foot injury extremely painful now just a faint ache. Wonderful treatment!”

Mr F, Burnham on Sea


“I was very sceptical on my first visit to Gail but I came away feeling so relaxed and chilled. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is feeling anxiety and stress”. Mr O, Wincanton.


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